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Characterization of Chemical and Bacterial Compositions of Dairy Wastewaters

Alalam, Sabine / Ben Souilah, Farah / Lessard, Marie-Hélène / Chamberland, Julien / Perreault, Véronique / Pouliot, Yves / Labrie, Steve / Doyen, Alain 2021

Occurrence of Peptide-Peptide Interactions during the Purification of Self-Assembling Peptide f1-8 from a β-Lactoglobulin Tryptic Hydrolysate

Pimont-Farge, Mathilde / Bérubé, Amélie / Perreault, Véronique / Brisson, Guillaume / Suwal, Shyam / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2021

Contribution of biofouling to permeation flux decline and membrane resistance changes during whey ultrafiltration

Villeneuve, William / Bérubé, Amélie / Chamberland, Julien / Pouliot, Yves / Labrie, Steve / Doyen, Alain 2021

Effect of Streptococcus thermophilus cell deposition on flux reduction during ultrafiltration of whey constituents

Villeneuve, William / Chamberland, Julien / Pouliot, Yves / Labrie, Steve / Doyen, Alain 2021

Effect of Pectinolytic Enzyme Pretreatment on the Clarification of Cranberry Juice by Ultrafiltration

Perreault, Véronique / Gouin, Noémie / Bérubé, Amélie / Villeneuve, William / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2021

Effects of Hexane on Protein Profile, Solubility and Foaming Properties of Defatted Proteins Extracted from Tenebrio molitor Larvae

Gravel, Alexia / Marciniak, Alice / Couture, Manon / Doyen, Alain 2021

The ultrafiltration molecular weight cut-off has a limited effect on the concentration and protein profile during preparation of human milk protein concentrates

Sergius, Mélanie / Suwal, Shyam / Shama, Sara / Chamberland, Julien / Unger, Sharon / O'Connor, Deborah / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2021

Functionality of Cricket and Mealworm Hydrolysates Generated after Pretreatment of Meals with High Hydrostatic Pressures

Dion-Poulin, Alexandra / Laroche, Myriam / Doyen, Alain / Turgeon, Sylvie 2020

Integrating Pressure-Driven Membrane Separation Processes to Improve Eco-Efficiency in Cheese Manufacture: A Preliminary Case Study

Benoit, Scott / Chamberland, Julien / Doyen, Alain / Margni, Manuele / Bouchard, Christian / Pouliot, Yves 2020

Integrating reverse osmosis to reduce water and energy consumption in dairy processing: a predictive analysis for Cheddar cheese manufacturing plants

Chamberland, Julien / Benoit, Scott / Doyen, Alain / Pouliot, Yves 2020