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Effects of hexane on protein profile and techno-functional properties of pea protein isolates

Gravel, Alexia / Dubois-Laurin, Florence / Doyen, Alain 2023

The effect of pasteurization treatment and skimming conditions on human milk proteins

Gharbi, Negar / Marciniak, Alice / Perreault, Véronique / Stone, Debbie / Fittipaldi, Nahuel Vicente / Unger, Sharon / O'Connor, Deborah / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2022

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Human Milk Composition, and Infant Growth

Dugas, Camille / Laberee, Laurence / Perron, Julie / St-Arnaud, Gabrielle / Richard, Véronique / Perreault, Véronique / Leblanc, Nadine / Marc, Isabelle / Di Marzo, Vincenzo / Doyen, Alain / Veilleux, Alain / Robitaille, Julie 2022

Innovations from pressure-driven membrane processes in cheese technology: from milk protein concentrates to sustainability and precision cheesemaking

Chamberland, Julien / Brisson, Guillaume / Doyen, Alain / Pouliot, Yves 2022

Candida krusei is the major contaminant of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes used for cranberry juice production

Fikri, Sherazade / Lessard, Marie-Hélène / Perreault, Véronique / Doyen, Alain / Labrie, Steve 2022

Impact of emulsifiers for the nanoencapsulation with maltodextrin of cannabis oil by spray drying on the physicochemical properties and bioaccessibility of cannabinoids

Lajoie, Camille / Doyen, Alain / Feutry, Perrine / Gagnon, Diane / Brisson, Guillaume 2022

Factors affecting the modification of bovine milk proteins in high hydrostatic pressure processing: An updated review

Gharbi, Negar / Marciniak, Alice / Doyen, Alain 2022

Eco-Efficiency of Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) Protein Extracts

Laroche, Myriam / Perreault, Véronique / Marciniak, Alice / Mikhaylin, Sergey / Doyen, Alain 2022

Preservation of Anti-cytomegalovirus Activity in Human Milk Following High-Pressure Processing Compared to Holder Pasteurization

Kothari, Akash / Pitino, Michael A / Unger, Sharon / Perreault, Véronique / Doyen, Alain / Pouliot, Yves / McGeer, Allison Joan / Stone, Debbie / O'Connor, Deborah 2022

Valorization of Concentrated Dairy WhiteWastewater by Reverse Osmosis in Model Cheese Production

Alalam, Sabine / Chamberland, Julien / Gravel, Alexia / Perreault, Véronique / Britten, Michel / Pouliot, Yves / Labrie, Steve / Doyen, Alain 2022