Titre Auteur(s) Date

Eco-Efficiency of Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) Protein Extracts

Laroche, Myriam / Perreault, Véronique / Marciniak, Alice / Mikhaylin, Sergey / Doyen, Alain 2022

Preservation of Anti-cytomegalovirus Activity in Human Milk Following High-Pressure Processing Compared to Holder Pasteurization

Kothari, Akash / Pitino, Michael A / Unger, Sharon / Perreault, Véronique / Doyen, Alain / Pouliot, Yves / McGeer, Allison Joan / Stone, Debbie / O'Connor, Deborah 2022

Valorization of Concentrated Dairy WhiteWastewater by Reverse Osmosis in Model Cheese Production

Alalam, Sabine / Chamberland, Julien / Gravel, Alexia / Perreault, Véronique / Britten, Michel / Pouliot, Yves / Labrie, Steve / Doyen, Alain 2022

Evolution of bacterial communities during the concentration and recirculation of dairy white wastewater by reverse osmosis

Alalam, Sabine / Marciniak, Alice / Lessard, Marie-Hélène / Bérubé, Amélie / Chamberland, Julien / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2022

Impact of holder, high temperature short time and high hydrostatic pressure pasteurization methods on protein structure and aggregation in a human milk protein concentrate

Sergius, Mélanie / Pitino, Michael A / Suwal, Shyam / Shama, Sara / Unger, Sharon / O'Connor, Deborah / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2022

Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure Intensity on Structural Modifications in Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) Proteins

Boukil, Abir / Marciniak, Alice / Mezdour, Samir / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2022

Impact of Ultra-High Pressure Homogenization on the Structural Properties of Egg Yolk Granule

Gaillard, Romuald / Marciniak, Alice / Brisson, Guillaume / Perreault, Véronique / D. House, James / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2022

Characterization of Chemical and Bacterial Compositions of Dairy Wastewaters

Alalam, Sabine / Ben Souilah, Farah / Lessard, Marie-Hélène / Chamberland, Julien / Perreault, Véronique / Pouliot, Yves / Labrie, Steve / Doyen, Alain 2021

Occurrence of Peptide-Peptide Interactions during the Purification of Self-Assembling Peptide f1-8 from a β-Lactoglobulin Tryptic Hydrolysate

Pimont-Farge, Mathilde / Bérubé, Amélie / Perreault, Véronique / Brisson, Guillaume / Suwal, Shyam / Pouliot, Yves / Doyen, Alain 2021

Contribution of biofouling to permeation flux decline and membrane resistance changes during whey ultrafiltration

Villeneuve, William / Bérubé, Amélie / Chamberland, Julien / Pouliot, Yves / Labrie, Steve / Doyen, Alain 2021